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Why It Works

Crown™ for men is a safe and effective solution to thinning hair. It contains a patented complex using revolutionary laser-engineered minerals which produce permanent, natural results. Crown has been clinically proven and is a powerful anti-aging formula with a completely original approach to the problem of thinning hair in men.

Hair is made up of proteins and minerals. Any deficiency or imbalance of either amino acids (keratins) or mineral (co-factors) can begin the cycle of hair loss. The key to a thick head of hair is an abundant supply of all essential mineral co-factors, healthy circulation and an unblocked scalp. Taking an oral mineral supplement won’t work to thicken hair and increase density. Supplements are too indirect and after digestive processes are generally only about 12% bio-available.

If there is any deficit of minerals, hair-roots are never the priority place to deliver them. A fertilizer must be placed directly in the soil to support enhanced plant growth. But how can you get specific, critical, mineral ratios directly to the hair bulbs where they are needed? This is how Crown is unique. Our proprietary laser-engineered technology makes targeting the problem easy; Crown actually begins working on the hair 6 minutes after it is applied.

Source: Clinical IRB Study; IRSI, Inc.

Thinning Hair Is Natural, So Is Our Way Of Getting It Back.

Below Epidermis Layer:
  • Ionically charged copper peptides shorten the Telogen “resting phase” resulting in more hair follicles being in the growing phase “Anagen” at one time (as opposed to “Catagen” falling out phases or “Telogen” resting). Enhances natural growth processes in resting and thinning follicles.
  • Copper peptides have superoxide dismutation activity. SOD’s supports Nitric Oxide (NO) and “Endothelium-derived Relaxing Factor” which are a natural form of Minoxidil
  • Laser engineered traces of Iron, Zinc and Tin act to strengthen and support follicle elongation.
  • Electrically polarized copper stimulates follicles. Engineered copper minerals act as “conductors” of the body’s natural electrical impulses deposited right at the hair bulb; they support the already present regeneration impulses.
  • Ionically charged gold has a subtle strengthening effect on the hair shaft itself, enhancing new thickness.
  • Copper based peptides have also been proven in clinical studies to help hair grafts “take” after a transplant. They will keep shafts in the follicles.
At Scalp Surface: 
  • Silver, the original antibiotic, intensely cleans and clears scalp of any obstructive sebum, problematic microbes, product build up and any blockages to the hair shaft or pores.
  • Hair which has been obstructed over time from the residual build up of sebum, either above or below the surface of the scalp, can now be released.
  • Bioresonant imprinting actually eases absorption of the minerals and clears the way for hair to push through the surface without challenge.
  • Laser-engineered silver removes surface DHT which binds to the hair.
  • Colloidal silver’s antimicrobial activity protects hair and scalp from the aging effects of toxins and environmental pollutants.
  • Highest potency organic essential oils help to subtly stimulate circulation at scalp surface.
  • Ionically charged silver normalizes the scalp, sets proper pH and “cultivates” the ideal environment for ongoing, easier increased density.

Crown's vital ingredients can precisely target the problem directly at the source. It takes advantage of the way human metabolism was designed to function. Our natural cellular environment has water with a number of “dissolved and suspended” substances of considerable biological importance within a certain pH. Crown mimics these bodily fluids with an electrically-induced polarity (i.e., blood) making it highly “recognizable” and acting like a “lock and key”.

Crown is a powerful anti-aging formula which will help keep hair active. Our trade secret bio-resonant properties further reduce any resistance in the body’s ability to use the mineral co-factors. All put together, it is a very powerful combination, a scientific breakthrough, without using any toxic chemicals to achieve results.

Why wait another day? Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, See for Yourself.

Do Something Good for Your Hair Today, Order Crown Online

Why You Need Laser-Engineered BioMinerals Now More Than Ever:

According to Dr. Prudence Hall, recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show discussing hormones, “Iron deficiency has a much closer link to hair loss than most doctors realize. In one study, 72% (of premenopausal women) were found to have iron deficiency as the cause of hair loss. You can be iron deficient in the absence of clinical anemia….Only about 10% of ingested iron is absorbed…Certain foods may inhibit the absorption of iron, such as tea and coffee, bran and egg whites.”

Similarly, Dr. Robert LaFave of the U.S. Metabolic Research Center said, “No cellular functions can be produced correctly if the body isn’t receiving all the minerals and trace elements the metabolism needs”.

This statement explains why hair cannot be metabolized properly without these critical mineral elements. Minerals behave like electrical conductors; they are the “on switch” of literally tens of thousands of metabolic processes. Macro-minerals are co-factors for more than 300 critical enzymes in the body, which support all cell functions. To help illustrate this fact, even a simple lack of trace mineral electrolytes (i.e., potassium, sodium and chloride) causes muscular weakening and gradual heart arrhythmia. (This is why athletes are encouraged to intake electrolyte enhanced sports drinks to maintain body peak performance).

Just below the surface of the scalp is the hair root, which is enclosed within a hair follicle. At the base of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla. The dermal papilla is fed by the bloodstream, which carries nourishment to produce hair. A combination of specific mineral (proprietary) co-factors are necessary to catalyze hair in the human body from the dermal papilla. The reduction, deficiency or imbalances of these critical co-factors has been overlooked by all other approaches to thinning hair.

During hair’s synthesis, minerals behave like the “spark plugs” in a car, carrying electrical energy and turning “fuel” into working energy. A sufficient amount of voltage must be supplied by the ignition system to spark across the spark plug's gap. This is called "Electrical Performance", and it is very similar in the human body’s hair development process. Without it, over time hair development will not continue. Crown supplies these critical co-factors and takes only 6 minutes to be absorbed directly where it is needed.

Further evidence of the problem, a Senate document, #264 of the US Congress 2nd session, found that laboratory tests proved US farm soils to be depleted of minerals and not what they were generations ago. It was written all the way back in 1936. The document also stated that 99% of the population was deficient in minerals. Unfortunately, 10 years of intensive farming is all it takes to completely deplete the soil of its active minerals, and this problem has been escalating.

The application of modern chemical fertilizers (a mineral depleting factor) worldwide has risen from 7,000,000 tons in 1945 to 150,000,000 tons today! Since we now have such widespread deficiencies, and it goes on decade after decade, it is difficult as we age for our bodies to fully maintain their best performance and metabolic processes. Crown is committed to finding natural solutions, without the sexual side effects of prescription medications, or possible complications to the heart and blood pressure from using Minoxidil.

Accept no substitutes; powerful engineered co-factors
you need, will be delivered by Crown on contact.

If you want your hair back, the only real risk is delay.

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