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Clinical Evidence

In an 8 week clinical trial, 90% of the people who used Crown for 2 months said they wanted to buy more, we have full confidence you will feel the same way!

of participants completely agreed that the product was easy to use.85% agreed that the product “worked fast” and “worked well”. 77% agreed they had measurable improvement..

CROWN’s active compound has undergone three (3) Separate Clinical Evaluations:

Two (2) Clinical Trials (for efficacy)
One (1) Clinical Safety Test

See results:

Study Investigator: Pharmaceutical Chemist, Courtland Imel

Conducted Via: Ceutical Labs, Analytical Testing Division

Size of Group: 28 participants, 27 results reported at conclusion.


The most notable response, a participant was able to synthesize new growth in less under seven (7) days.

In 21 of 27 individuals change was recorded. 88% saw significant changes. The product provided statistically significant evidence between those who used it and those who did not. The differentiation is the majority of subjects using it who saw a change in their scalp and hair. “Significant” is described as individuals seeing follicle development, hair growth, or increased hair growth.

In the individuals where we did not note change, there was either no difference, they failed to follow the usage instructions, or they discontinued the study.

Source: Ceutical Labs,
White Paper Research Evaluation

Study Investigator: Ed Boisits, Ph.D.

Site: International Research Services, Inc.

Trial Identification: 3356TOL


A monadic evaluation, beginning with (20) subjects, twelve (17) males and three (3) females. Duration was an eight (8) week test period, using one (1) test product according to directions supplied by the sponsor. Hair condition was evaluated instrumentally using image analysis and subjectively by panelists via questionnaire. Digital photos were taken at baseline, week 4 and week 8. Visits occurred at week 0 (baseline), week four (4) and week eight (8).


The objective of the present study is to assess the efficacy of one (1) test product on hair condition, with specific attention to improving the subjective appearance of fuller, thicker hair. The study was conducted in two (2) groups totaling 20 subjects, during an 8 week duration. No adverse reactions were reported.

Results of the subjective questionnaire administered at week 8 are summarized as follows. Results indicate that 77% of the participants either completely agree or, very much agreed that they saw visible, measurable improvement in the appearance of thicker hair. 90% of the participants completely agreed that they felt the product was easy to use. 70% of the respondents either completely agreed, very much agreed, or somewhat agreed that they could physically feel new growth of hair on the scalp. Further, 85% of subjects either completely agreed, very much agreed, or somewhat agreed that the product worked fast and 75% that using the product made them feel good about their hair.

90% of the participants either completely agreed, very much agreed, or somewhat agreed that they would purchase the product after using for the 2 month trial. 85% of the participants indicated that the product worked either extremely well, very well, or somewhat well.

Results of image analysis of hair growth photographs are detailed in Table 4. The method analyzes growth as percent coverage of the test area. The reason for this is excessive hair growth in the test area from product usage, making it difficult to precisely locate the shaved area. As such, percent coverage increased from baseline to week 4 in all 20 subjects. Increases in percent coverage from week 4 to week 8 were observed. Results of analysis support a significant increase in coverage at week 4 to baseline as well as week 8 to week 4.

In conclusion, under the conditions employed in this study, the majority of participants reported positive results with regard to hair growth and fuller, thicker hair. These findings were corroborated by the objective analysis of hair growth wherein increased growth was detected.

Clinical IRB Study; IRSI, Inc.

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