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Who It Works For

There is no one hair loss product which will work for everyone because there are many different reasons for thinning hair. Crown works more powerfully on certain male patterns of balding then others. If you do not fit the criteria below, it may not work well for you.

To determine if Crown is right for you, use the Norwood Scale below. The balding patterns enclosed in green get the best results.

Some images of men who do well with CROWN:

These next images are male patterns which are
not likely to thicken using Crown:

For these men, using CROWN would detoxify and normalize their scalps, remove sebum blockages, set proper pH and help maintain current hair levels, but not typically fill in density.

We don’t suggest buying Crown unless you are fit.




Crown’s proprietary, patented technology will permanently help thinning hair, without all the side effects of chemicals (impotence, chest pain, irregularly rapid heart beats), or the pain (injections into the head, followed by cutting with a scalpel) and high costs of surgical options (roughly $12,000+).

Crown is an effective, non-toxic, pain-free solution in stopping hair loss and works with the body’s natural processes. CROWN takes advantage of the way the human metabolism was designed to produce thick hair.

Until now, the last 20 years had no new discoveries for male patterns of thinning; except for lasers. The scientific community has been focused entirely on blocking DHT (a by-product of testosterone) as the cause for all male baldness. In reality, there is no one reason or solution which can work for everyone, because there are many different reasons why people lose their hair.

By age 35, two thirds of all men will experience some degree of hair loss and by age 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. But men have started to lose their hair younger and younger, even in their teens, and women’s hair loss has dramatically increased. Yet there is no sudden “increase in testosterone” in our modern world, so there is clearly another culprit. DHT is certainly a cause for some people’s hair loss, but could there be other reasons, a better way to work with the body’s natural processes and to provide targeted co-factors which hair bulbs require?

Back to the roots; human hair is made up of proteins and minerals. Even a small amino acid or mineral deficiency can stop the body from producing thick hair. Examining our diets, soil and modern environmental conditions, it does not appear that proteins are the missing factor in keeping thick hair. Crown’s success comes from its cutting edge approach, targeted to delivering the necessary and precise co-factors required directly to the scalp; helping to improve and allow new density.

Restore your confidence, your pride and your hair.
The new you is waiting.

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